The Jews of early St John’s Wood*

Grateful as are all the Society’s presidents when entrusted with a second term of office, some of us, perhaps not surprisingly, then find ourselves in a quandary. So numerous have always been the lecturers wishing to hold forth to the Society that former presidents have occasionally chosen to confine their second address to a word or two of thanks before introducing yet another speaker into our regular programme. Praiseworthy as this course of action might be (providing as it does a welcome opportunity for self-denial) I have decided on the no doubt far less commendable, although far more customary, alternative of riding my own hobby-horse.

Topographers are mostly agreed that the main claim to fame of the Wood lies in its having been the first London garden suburb ever planned as such.1 Post? poning for a moment the task of describing how it was that many Jews came to live

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