The Jews of Bristol in pre-Expulsion Days.

At the time of the Great Expulsion in 1290 Bristol was one of the authorised Jewries in which there existed not only a synagogue and a Jewish quarter, but also the royal chirograph chest or archa 1 in which were preserved the bonds and tallies registering financial trans? actions. The Bristol community was one of the smallest in the land, but its annals present features of considerable interest to the student of Anglo-Je wish history. The individual story of these pre-Expulsion Jewries has hitherto not attracted much attention, only Cambridge by Dr. Stokes 2 and Canterbury by myself 3 having been so far fully explored, whilst valuable studies upon London by Dr. Joseph Jacobs,4

A.E. = The Jeios of Angevin England, by Dr. Joseph Jacobs. Rigg i. and Rigg ii. = The Calendar of the Plea Bolls of the Exchequer of the Jews (published by the Jewish Historical Society), vols.

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