The Jews in Hull, between 1766 and 1880

The increasing number of Jews who entered Britain in the second half of the eighteenth century was reflected in the expansion of the London Jewish com- munity and in the creation or expansion of provincial centres. Immigration was intensified under the impact of threats of expulsion from Prague in the mid- 17405; the discriminatory taxation of Jews in Prussia in the 17505; outbreaks of violence against Jews in the Ukraine in 1763; and the Russian incorporation of the major part of Poland on the partitions of that country from 1772.

Among growing numbers of Jews who branched out along the roads of Eng- land, Hull, as a thriving port and market town, was an attraction for the itinerant tradesmen, and in due course a likely place in which to settle. It might not at first have seemed an easy point of call or a satisfactory base, in View of its

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