[Editorial Note : Mr. Israel Solomons was a noted bibliophile who formed a collection of Anglo-Judaica, especially strong in pamphlets, prints and portraits, for the study of the modern period. He con? tributed two papers to the Transactions (” The Jews’ Naturalisation Bill of 1753/’ vol. vi., and ” Lord George Gordon,” vol. vii.). At the time of his death, in July 1923, he was engaged in completing the bibliography of the writings of Haham David Nieto, and the final revision of this paper was carried out by Dr. Lionel D. Barnett, Dr. C. Duschinsky, Dr. Cecil Both, Mr. Elkan N. Adler and Mr. J. M. Kich. The collections mentioned in this paper have now been dispersed, those of Mr. Solomons and Mr. Elkan Adler having gone to the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, whilst most of the MSS. formerly in the possession of Haham Dr. M. Gaster are in

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