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1. The name of the Society shall be The Jewish Historical Society of England.

2. The objects of the Society shall be :-

(a.) The promotion and organisation of research into, and study of, the history of the Jews of the British Empire ;

(b.) The transcription of documents and the collection of materials relating to Anglo-Jewish history ;

(c.) The publication of such documents and materials, as well as of treatises, relating to Anglo-Jewish history ;

(d.) The formation of a Library and Museum for the pre? servation of archives of Anglo-Jewish congregations and institutions, and of documents, books, prints, and relics relating to Anglo-Jewish history

(e.) The organisation of lectures and the publication of works on general Jewish history and literature.


3. The Society shall consist of Subscribing Members, Honorary Members, and Corresponding Members.

4. Provincial and Colonial Members may, with the sanction of the Council, establish branches for the purposes of local research, and co-operation with the Society in its Lecture scheme.

5. The Society shall be governed by a Council, elected by the general body of Members at the firstG eneral Meeting in each Session.

6. A President for the next Session shall be elected at the last General Meeting of the current Session. Vice-Presidents and a Treasurer shall be elected at the firstG eneral Meeting of the Session.

7. The President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, and Honorary Secretary, and the Presidents of the branches, shall be ex-qfficio Members of the Council.

8. At its firstM eeting in each Session the Council shall appoint an Executive Committee, consisting of nine Members, in addition to the Honorary Officers,w ho shall be ex-qfficiMo embers of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall also act as a Publication Committee to direct the work in connection with Clause (e) of the objects of the Society. The Executive Committee shall have power to co-opt to vacancies.

9. The appointment of Honorary Secretary or Secretaries shall be in the hands of the Executive Committee.

10. Any change in the Laws of the Society may be made at any Ordinary Meeting, provided that notice be given in the circular
convening the Meeting, that a majority consisting of two-thirds of Members present voting approves the change, and that the change is confirmed (by a bare majority) at a subsequent meeting.


11. There shall be at least four General Meetings of the Society every year, at which papers and communications shall be read and discussed. The first General Meeting of the Session shall constitute the " Annual Meeting ".of the Society.


12. An Annual Report and Balance Sheet shall be prepared and distributed among the Members, giving a detailed account of the work of the Society during the past year.

13. The Society shall publish such transactions, collections of papers and historical essays or treatises as the Society may approve on the recommendation of the Executive Committee. In the case, however, of publications under Clause (e) of the objects of the Society, the Publication Committee shall have full power to act on the recommendation of the Executive Committee.


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