Hitherto the Jewish Historical Society of England in the thirty odd years of its existence has not concerned itself much with the history of our Colonial Jewries. In 1898 Mr. Lucien Wolf touched very lightly on the subject in his paper, ” The American Causes of the Resettlement,”1 whilst two more recent essays?on the Jews of South Africa2 and on those of India3?complete the list of the Society’s contributions to this aspect of Anglo-Jewish history. Yet the subject in addition to being an extremely interesting one is not without import? ance, for it is impossible to answer adequately the momentous question, ” What have her Jews done for England ? ” without analysing the history of those early Jewish pioneers whose activities were a factor ?and in some instances, perhaps, a vital one?in the development of the trade, communications and civilization of the British Colonies during the seventeenth and eighteenth

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