It is generally known, although not always remembered, that, prior to the building of the grand old cathedral Synagogue of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews in Bevis Marks, there existed in London an earlier Synagogue belonging to the same congregation. It stands out in the minds of most people because of the reference to it in Pepys’ Diary, and one does not require to have delved very deeply into Anglo-Jewish matters to realise that the religious service which Samuel Pepys witnessed on October 14, 1663 (and described somewhat unsympatheti cally),1 could not have been held in the Bevis Marks Synagogue, which was not opened for public worship until 1701. Mr. Lucien Wolf, that eminent authority on the Jewish Resettlement Period, has devoted some very delightful pages to unravelling the early congregational history of London’s Spanish Jews ; his pioneer essays, ” The Jewry of the Restoration ” and ” Crypto

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