The Jewish entries from the Patent Rolls, 1272-1292


Medieval Anglo-Jewry posed many different problems for the successive govern? ments of 12th- and 13th-century England. One response was to create the Scac carium Judeorum, or ‘Exchequer of the Jews’ – a Department for Jewish Affairs.((A. C. Cramer, ‘Origins and functions of the Jewish Exchequer’ Speculum XVI (1941) 226-9.)) It is to this department that historians owe the wealth of available information about medieval Anglo-Jews. It has left behind at least a mile of sheep’s membranes bearing, in scribal shorthand, minutiae about Jewish life of the period. At first, it seems, the Scaccarium Judeorum kept its records on the Pipe Roll of the King’s Main Exchequer.((H. Jenkinson, ‘The records of the Exchequer receipts from the English Jewry’ Trans JHSE Ylll(igiS) 19-54.)) However, it soon developed its own specific, specialized records on the day-to-day running of the King’s Jewries. Historians have worked on these records for over a century, but

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