The Jewish Contribution to the British Textile Industry “BUILDERS OF BRADFORD”

THE title of the paper which I am going to read to you is “Jewish Contributions to the British Textile Industry.” The sub-title is “Builders of Bradford” as it deals almost exclusively with the development of the Bradford Textile Industry. You will hear the expression “piece goods” or “pieces” which to people not connected with the Textile business may sound somewhat strange. For their benefit I should like to explain that a “piece” in the Bradford area is generally a length of worsted cloth about sixty yards long and fifty-four to sixty inches wide, doubled up edge to edge lengthways and then rolled or cuttled for convenient handling and packing. I should like also to explain briefly the meaning of “shorts” and “damages” as used in this paper. When the pieces arrive from the mill at the merchant’s or shipper’s warehouse each piece is remeasured and “perched” or examined for

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