The influence of German music on United Kingdom synagogue practice*

In his book The Golden Bough, Sir James Frazer writes as follows on the subject of music and religion: ‘The musician has done his part, as well as the prophet and thinker, in the making of religion. Every faith has its appropriate music, and the differences between the creeds might almost be expressed in musical notation …. For we cannot doubt that this, the most ultimate and affecting of all the arts, has done much to create, as well as to express, the religious emotions, thus modifying more or less deeply the fabric of belief to which at first it seems only to minister.’2

In what ways has German music functioned as a medium for expressing Jewish sacred texts in the United Kingdom, and to what extent has it indeed affected the very practice of Judaism?

Acculturation and cross-fertilization are vast and complex issues, even in a small community of

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