The Iconography of Menasseh Ben Israel, ii, 191-198

Menasseh Ben Israel

From the etching by Rembrandt

(Engraving in the collection of Mr Alfred Rubens)

(See page 191)

The Iconography of Menasseh Ben Israel

By Alexander Behr

New interest in the life of Menasseh ben Israel has been aroused by the ter? centenary of his Mission to Oliver Cromwell which was celebrated in 1956. Rabbi, theologian, author, diplomat and printer, he is best remembered as the man who, more than anyone else, was responsible for the resettlement of the Jews in England. It is therefore of particular interest to examine the portraits attributed to him and to endeavour to discover those that are authentic.

The following are some of the principal portraits which have been claimed to represent him, given in the order of their execution :

(a) The etching by Rembrandt, of 1636 ;

(b) A painted portrait by Rembrandt of 1636, which is alleged to have been

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