The Historical Associations of the Ancient Burial-Ground of the Sephardi Jews

In February 1915, the Mahamad of the Spanish and Portuguese community of London appointed an ” Advisory Committee on Con? gregational Records,” the object of whose proposed labours was

1. To investigate the condition of ancient Congregational records, and report to the Mahamad as to the best means for their conservation;

2. To take steps to procure gifts of documents and other objects of historical interest to the Congregation

This Committee has devoted its attention to examining the numerous documents which have been treasured in the congregational archives, and which shed much light on the early history of the Congregation. It has also occupied itself with the records preserved by the graves and inscriptions to be found in the ancient cemetery that lies in rear of the Beth Holim, 253 Mile End Road, in which lie buried the founders of the Community, the men who won for Jews the right

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