The foundation of the Jewish Historical Society of England, 1893

The Anglo-Jewish Historical Society of Great Britain is the latest addition to the thriving body of learned societies. Its birth can scarcely be called premature. When Aubrey Newman and I were in Washington last year representing the Society at the centennial of the American Jewish Historical Society, whose inaugural meeting occurred on Monday 6 June 1892, their President alluded to their own precedence and to our own forthcoming Centenary Conference. It is worth recalling that their two anniversaries in the 1880s gave them a stimulus that our own founding fathers lacked. They can trace their foundation to an appeal in June 1886, regarding the appropriate form for an American-Jewish contribution to the 1892 Columbus celebrations that were already in hand. And this appeal, it is duly acknowledged in America, was firmly bolstered by reference in due course to the success of the Anglo-Jewish Historical Exhibition (from which indeed, although it

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