The First Record of the Hebra Guemilut Hasadim, London, 1678.

One of the most ancient and interesting records in the archives of the Congregation in Bevis Marks is the document of which the text is herewith published. It is a memorial addressed to the Mahamad oF the day, requesting their permission and authority to enable the petitioners to establish a Hebra or charitable society for the care of the sick and the performance of the necessary rites over the dead, and is dated a.m. 5438 (1678). It is written on a single sheet of paper, measuring 7f inches in width and 12J inches in height, and is preserved in the Vestry Offices at Bevis Marks, having been presented to the Congregation by the late Mr. Abraham Tolano, by whom it was shown in the Anglo-Jewish Historical Exhibition of 1887, in the catalogue of which it is registered as no. 606 and described as ” Document relating to origin of the

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