The First Pastoral Tour to the Jewish Com? munities of the British Overseas Dominions

My subject is ” The First Pastoral Tour to the Jewish Communities of the British Overseas Dominions.” In other words, it is the story of a unique pastoral visit to forty-two different communities on three continents, of a tour extending over eleven months, and covering over 40,000 miles. In the circumstances, I must largely confine myself to apergus and resumes ; and I must pass over with little more than occasional mention the arduous work performed in conjunction with Mr. Albert M. Woolf, O.B.E., who accompanied me in the interests of the Jewish War Memorial.

It is best to begin with the official invitation to undertake the Tour that was addressed to me on April 23, 1920, by Mr. Lionel de Rothschild, President of the United Synagogue, in the course of which he wrote :

The Council of the United Synagogue, at their meeting on the 29th ult., passed a

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