The Family of Mordecai Hamburger and Their Association with Madras.

It is not perhaps without interest that there is to be found in London at the Hoxton cemetery of the Hambro’ Synagogue the grave of a grandson of the celebrated diarist Ghickel of Hamelyn, and that the inscription1 should be in quite a good state of preservation at the present day. The tomb referred to is that of Elchanan Henle Hamburger, otherwise Henry Moses, one of the sons of Marcus Moses (Mordecai Hamburger) the founder of the Hambro’ congregation.

Marcus Moses married at Altona in about the year 16992 his second cousin3 Freudchen, a daughter of Ghickel and Chayim Hameln. His bride could scarcely have been more than fourteen4 years old?not an unusual marrying age for that period owing to the insecure conditions prevailing and to the consequent anxiety of parents to see their children provided for. She was “a big girl for her age” however, “and lovely beyond compare.”5

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