The paper I am about to read is intended as an instalment of a fuller one, in which I hope to treat of the Synagogue in its relation to the Sovereign and the State. In the preparation of this paper I have received, as can readily be imagined, much help from Mr. Lucien Wolf and Mr. Israel Abrahams, to both of whom I would at the outset express my sincere obligations.

Scattered about in various libraries, and hidden in out-of-the-way places, there is a considerable amount of material?poems, hymns, and prayers, sermons and addresses, in Hebrew, in Spanish, in Judseo German, and in English, prompted by occasions of special interest in the history of our country, and of its rulers and their families, and forming a very respectable body of evidence testifying to the loyalty of English Jews. A complete bibliography of these productions re? mains, despite the publications of

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