Thanks to the generous permission of Messrs. Methuen, it has become possible to include in this volume a reprint of a charming essay by the late Professor F. W. Maitland. The essay, entitled ” The Deacon and the Jewess,” first appeared in 1886, in the Law Quarterly Review, edited by Sir Frederick Pollock. It filled pages 153 to 165 of the second volume of that periodical. It was reprinted in Maitland’s book, Roman Canon Law in the Church of England (London, Methuen, 1898). Still more recently it has been again reprinted in the first of three volumes (pages 385-406) of The Collected Papers of Frederic William Maitland (Cambridge University Press, 1911). The same subject is also discussed more briefly in the History of English Law (vol. ii., book ii., ch. viii., ? 4), of which Maitland was joint author.

Delightful in form as well as original in substance, this essay

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