The Curiel Family in 16th-century Portugal

The events in which the Jews of early-modern Portugal became unwillingly involved were highly traumatic. When in 1492 Ferdinand and Isabella issued their decree expelling the Jews and Moors from Spain, a delegation headed by Rabbi Isaac Aboab, the head of theYeshiva of Guadalajara and the last Gaon of Castile, visited King Jo?o II of Portugal and reached agreement with him.((Haham Imanuel Aboab, Nomol?gia o discursos legales (1629) 299.)) Jews could enter Portugal on payment of 8 cruzados a head – blacksmiths and armourers to be admitted at half price – 600 families could settle in Portugal and the rest must leave with eight months.((Rui de Pina, Croniqua del Rey Joham II (Coimbra 1950) 179-83, cited by Maria Jose Pimenta Ferro Tavares, Os Judeos em Portugal no Seculo XV (Lisbon 1982) 253.))

The royal accounts show that the king collected nearly 112,000 cruzados from the Jews, including a penal levy

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