The Community of the Resettlement, 1656-1684: A Social Survey*

The theme of this paper is an attempt at an historical social survey of the little community of the Resettlement as it developed from the readmission in 1655/6 till the year 1684,1 a period when the records are scanty and often inaccurate and unreliable.

Let us begin with a general survey. In 1657 it numbered some 1602 men, women, and children, having increased substantially in 1654 and 1655, when relations between England and Spain were moving towards war.3 Of this number only some 10% were Ashkenazim. We may compare this figure with the 1,800 strong community (mainly Sephardi) of Amsterdam, the 450 souls (also mainly Sephar dim) in Hamburg, and the 4,500 mixed Jews of Venice.4 There was only one Sephardi congregation in London, that of Greechurch Lane, but it admitted some Ashkenazim and buried them, and there were from time to time one or even two small Ashkenazi stiebels

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