The Central British Fund for World Jewish Relief

A genealogical tree for the Central British Fund with its various suffixes would look very odd, for the most important of its children was born two months before the parent. I refer, of course, to the Jewish Refugees Committee, formed as the Jews Tempor? ary Shelter in March 1933 to help the first victims of Nazi oppression. There was no other organiza? tion equipped to do this, and Otto Schiff, the then President of the Shelter, founded it as the first refugees from Germany arrived and had nowhere to go.

It seems appropriate to open this paper by mentioning the man to whom, to quote Leonard Montefiore’s tribute to him on his retirement, ‘more than any other man or woman was due the honour of securing the entry to this country of many thousands of human beings in peril of their lives at the hands of the Nazi Gestapo’. The

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