” Jury-lane, the same (I take it) which of old I finde called Little-pet-lane. There was of their houses hereaway to the number of almost 20. All which together with their Synagogue (or, as more frequently called, Schola Iudd?orum, their School), upon their generali banishment out of this and all other parts of the Kingdome in Ed. 2 daies 1 (at what time their number amounted to 16,511), as confiscate, escheated to the King : and by him were eftsoones, some of gift, some otherwise alienated, some to one, some to another, but the most (to the number of at least 12 and a void piece of ground which was Communitatis Iudd?orum Civitatis, i. the Jewes in common) to the Monks of Christ-Church. Their Synagogue or School stood about where now some part of the Saracens head 2 Tavern doth, as appeares by the Records of Christ-Church. Which have this

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