The British Press and Zionism in Herzl’s Time (1895-1904)*


It is a privilege to speak to the Jewish Historical Society on a subject which is very much related to its founder and past President, the late Lucien Wolf. Wolf has a prominent place in my research, owing to his early contacts with Herzl and his opposition to Zionism in later years, an opposition which accompanied him to his latest day. The story of the Herzl-Wolf relationship is an interesting chapter in the history of early British Zionism and Wolf’s life.1

It was not an easy venture to prepare comprehensive research on the attitude of the British press at the time of Herzl. Early Zionism in England in general attracted only few scholars, unless one mentions Josef Fraenkel and the late Oskar K. Rabinowicz, though in Israel, within the framework of the universities, some good work has been conducted on the history of British pre-Zionism, mainly on partial aspects.

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