The Bodleian Bowl

In a paper on the “Bodleian Bowl” {Transactions, vol. v. pp. 184-192), I inferred from a letter of Isaac Abendana (dated Oxford, October 9, 1696)that the famous inscribed vessel, now at the Bodleian, was “found in an old mote in Norfolk,” and not, as had been previously assumed, on Tovey’s authority, “in a small brook in Suffolk.” Tovey’s error led to the supposition that the bowl had belonged to the Jews of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk; this, again, induced the theory that the bowl w7as made in the twelfth century. The re-discovery of the true provenance of the bowl made it possible to revise this date and place the bowl in the thirteenth century, with further results explained in the paper cited above.

Further confirmation of the inference that the bowl was found in Norfolk is furnished in a book published in Cambridge in 1911. Our President, Dr. Stokes, kindly

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