You have heard of the process of white-washing in so far as it applies to historic criticism. It is a process which has been adopted by several eminent writers in the interests of truth. The great his? torian, Professor Mommsen, whose recent demise is deplored by the whole world of letters, has essayed to prove that the views commonly entertained about the Roman emperors is not correct, and that Tiberius was by no means a tyrant of so dark a hue as he is ordi? narily depicted. Froude endeavours, and not without some measure of success, to clear Henry VIII. of the many imputations cast upon him. Marat, the unlovely, has recently been described as the People’s Friend. And, indeed, gradually personages who were regarded aforetime as ogres are being transmuted into heroes or saints, so that the present period of historic writing may be described as the age of

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