Tentative List of Jewish Underwriting Members of Lloyd’s (from some time prior to 1800 until the year 1901)

The Royal Exchange, which continued to house Lloyds after its rebuilding until the year 1927, had been destroyed by fire in 1838 when the Corporation of Lloyd’s lost almost all its records. In consequence its Roll of Members is probably incomplete. Some years ago, with the help of Sir Thomas Colyer-Fergusson, Bart., I made an attempt to select the Jewish-sounding names from a tentative Roll of Members compiled by Mr. Warren R. Dawson, F.S.A., who was for many years the Honorary Librarian of Lloyd’s. This list, now printed for the first time, comprises over 300 names and I make no claim for its completeness or accuracy. I have, however, found the list useful in connection with my Anglo-Jewish genealogical studies and I am glad of the opportunity of making it available to other workers in this somewhat limited field. I should have liked to have paid an ampler tribute to

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