T. E. Lawrence and Zionism*

‘His relationship to the Zionist movement was a very positive one, in spite of the fact that he was strongly pro-Arab and he has been mistakenly been represented as anti-Zionist. It was his view . . . that the Jews would be of great help to the Arabs and that the Arab world stood to gain much from a Jewish homeland in Palestine.’1 In the light of the history of the period, this statement by Chaim Weizmann, the Zionist leader and first president of the state of Israel, about T. E. Lawrence, known as Lawrence of Arabia, is believed to be a fair description of Lawrence’s position in Arab-Zionist his? tory and the objective of this paper is to present the supporting evidence for that contention. Lawrence was so anxious to identify himself as a friend of the Arabian people during his so-called Arab period that he regularly wore traditional

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