Sussex Hall—The First Anglo-Jewish Venture in Popular Education

ALTHOUGH my story begins in the 19th century, nevertheless, in order to under? stand the setting in which Sussex Hall came into being it would be well briefly ^to recall what had been happening in the first two centuries of the Anglo-Jewish return. During the the first hundred years, the main pre-occupation of the community was the consolidation of its own security which was held upon a somewhat slender tenure. So, while otherwise designedly quiescent and inconspicuous, it expended most of its energies on the attainment of wealth and commercial prosperity in order to manifest its value to the country. After the first hundred years it became a little less timorous and felt that the time had arrived to seek the civic and political rights enjoyed by their Gentile fellow-citizens ; and so began the long and bitter struggle for Emancipation, which again seemed to have exhausted all Jewish effort.

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