Stanislaus Hoga?Apostate and Penitent

Stanislaus Hoga, apostate and penitent, cannot claim to be among the better known characters that have passed across the stage of Anglo-Jewish history. Until only recently he was but a fleeting figure, emerging but now and then as some literary product, some dramatic change in his circumstances or vocation served to throw a brighter light on him. His is a story heavy with contrasts of light and shade, gathering within itself the tribulations, the anxieties, the conflicts of body and soul sustained by myriads of other Jews in that tense period when medievalism was dissolving in centres of Jewish population in Eastern Europe. Hitherto, whatever was known of Hoga comprised little more than a set of disjointed cameos that had not been brought together. The task of achieving this resolved itself into a kind of quest, a successive unearthing of incident and detail. It was indeed an adventure, and I

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