St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, and its Jewish connections

Very few British institutions can claim eight centuries of history; and even fewer the involvement of Jewish people during five of these centuries. St Bar? tholomew’s Hospital, also known as Bart’s, was founded in the year 1123 by the monk Rahere, on the marshes outside London. Today, still on the same site, it is one of the major teaching hospitals and centres for medical research in this country. During the three periods of Anglo-Jewish history, Pre-expulsion (1066-1290), Middle (1290-1656) and Modern (1656-today) Jewish people have been active within the life of the hospital as patients, financiers, benefactors, governors, medical students and doctors, and to a lesser extent as nurses and paramedics. Even what is described in this paper is an underestimate of their involvement since I have included only people whose Jewishness has been confirmed either by the hospital records stating the religion or from some outside source.

The Pre-expulsion

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