An important series of letters on Jewish Emancipation, included in the Goldsmid archives, was contributed by Mr. Lionel Abrahams to vol. iv. of the transactions of this Society, pp. 116-176. I have unearthed a few additional fragments relating to the same subject out of a large collection of letters preserved by the late Mr. Jacob Franklin, editor of the Voice of Jacob.

In January, 1848, Mr. Franklin prepared a statement of the Jewish case for the removal of political disabilities, and forwarded it to a few leaders in both Houses of Parliament. Sir Robert Peel wrote from Dray ton Manor on January 8th, declining to offer any suggestions. Lord John Russell sent a formal acknowledgment. The Bishop of Norwich wrote guardedly: ” The question of admission of Jews to Parliament divides itself into two distinct questions, the one religious, the other political, and so much can be said on either

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