Some Extracts from the Memoirs of an Octogenarian

It would be a pity if you came here this evening misled by the title of this talk, thinking that you were going to listen to extracts from the memoirs of a long-dead octogenarian Jew? ish bookseller. The case is quite different; your lecturer was much flattered to be invited to talk to an historical society of your standing but unfortunately can only offer you extracts from his own memoirs.

However, in order that you may not be entirely disappointed, we shall go back a long way, as far back as the year 1531, when Juda Oppenheim and his wife Edel (of the house with the sign of the Red Hart) left Heidelberg and emigrated to Frankfort-on-Main. Their descendants went back to Heidelberg in 1614, after the expulsion of the Jews from Frankfort. Later, part of the family again returned to Frankfort, where the oldest house which they owned in

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