Solomon Marcus Schiller-Szinessy, 1820-1890

The purpose of this article is to record the story of a figure of some importance to Hebrew studies in nineteenth-century England who also played a role in the wings, rather than the centre, of the Anglo-Jewish stage, before historians lose the last echoes of personal reminiscence and are left with the bare docu? ments. Of persons who were in immediate touch with him it is improbable that any now survive; indeed, there are but few left who were in close touch with those who had known him intimately, for it is, at the time of writing, 72 years from the date of his death. But the leading figures of Cambridge Orientalism in the first third of the present century included a number of distinguished scholars who had been Schiller-Szinessy’s pupils, and it was my privilege as an undergraduate (and earlier) to find myself in contact with some of them.

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