Sir Hersch Lauterpacht; teacher, writer and judge — a presidential address

His Excellency Sir Hersch Lauterpacht, King’s Counsel, Doctor of Laws, Fellow of the British Academy, Whewell Professor of International Law at Cambridge and a judge of the International Court of Justice at the Hague, was a teacher, a writer and a judge whose contribution to the development of international law was exceptional, during a period of far-reaching changes.

Hersch Lauterpacht was born in 1897 in Zolkiew, a small village outside Lemberg in that part of Austria that was formerly Poland. His father was a comfortably-off timber merchant who was intensely interested in Jewish affairs, and, like most Jewish parents, he was anxious that his children should be properly educated. To that end the family moved to Lemberg. This move proved very important to the young Hersch, because it gave him the opportunity of meeting other Jewish youngsters, many of whom at that time were becoming interested in Zionism. When war

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