Sir Hermann Gollancz, M.A., D.Lit, Rabbi, 1852-1930.

Hermann Gollancz is too well known and too highly revered in the Anglo-Jewish community to make it necessary to recall his career in detail. Except for a short period inM an chester, he lived, worked, and died in London, and every stage in his full and fruitful life is personally familiar to his contemporaries, as it is accessible in the ordinary works
of reference. To the man in the street he stands out as the first Jews’ College student to gain the London Doctorate, the second minister of the United Synagogue to obtain the Rabbinical Diploma, and the first Rabbi in England to be knighted, unless, as Gollancz himself did, we accept Joseph Jacobs’ somewhat doubtful “Sir Leon Morell” at
face value. But the man in the street is probably unaware of the pre-Expulsion history of Anglo-Jewry, though it was a subject that lay very near the heart of Gollancz,

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