Salo Baron, universal Jewish historian

Early on Sunday 6 July 1975 Salo Baron made his way to Ben-Gurion airport for a flight to London, accompanied by his wife. A few days earlier Columbia University graduates in Israel had feted him on his recent eighti? eth birthday, but in London his destination was the British Library where there was work to be done. After registering at the Russell Hotel on that hot, humid day he made his way the short distance to University College London. I had told him of the Jewish Historical Society’s conference on Provincial Jewry in Victorian England to be held there, and said that they would be happy and honoured to see him at that event. Baron had said he would try to come, and I informed the conference organizers of this. When he walked in during a session, Professor Raphael Loewe, then in the chair, welcomed him warmly. Invited to speak,

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