Russo-Jewish Immigrants in England before 1881

The year 1881 is generally given as the genesis of the Russo-Jewish immigration in Britain, For example, Professor Leonard Schapiro, in his paper ‘The Russian Background to the Anglo-American Jewish Immigration,’1 stated that ‘our story begins in 1881

The thousands of immigrants who came from the Tsarist Empire to this country before 1881 are almost ignored or mentioned in passing. It is true, of course, that the horrible pogroms and savage oppression of the Jews by the Russian Government in 1881 and onwards led to their mass emigration in hundreds of thousands to new countries, especially America and Eng? land. But when these emigrants came to the new countries they found there substantial settlements of earlier Russo-Jewish immigrants, who played an important part in assisting and absorbing them.

The Russian Empire has always been a cruel stepmother to her Jewish inhabitants, who often had to flee in order to save

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