RICHARD CUMBERLAND from the portrait by Romney I.

In the year 1785 Mr. Richard Cumberland included in his publication, The Observer, some papers on the Jewish question, putting forward an imaginary individual, Mr. Abraham Abrahams, as a peg for his disquisi? tion. In 1794 he produced the comedy of The Jew. Some ten years later, not so very long before his end, looking back on his incursion into that field, he expresses himself as follows :

” I take credit to myself for the character of Abraham Abrahams; I wrote it upon principle, thinking it high time that something should be done for a persecuted race. I seconded my appeal to the charity of mankind by the character of Sheva, w7hich I copied from this of Abrahams. The public prints gave the Jews credit for their sensibility in acknowledging my well-intended services; my friends gave me joy of honorary presents,

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