Reflections on the History of the Anglo-Jewish Community. Presidential Address (1920)

By H. S. Q. Hexriques, M.A., D.C.L., K.C.

The Anglo-Jewish community has now been established here for a period slightly exceeding two and a half centuries?a period which, however long it may seem to the individual, is but short in the history and development of nations. In this period the Anglo-Jewish community has become firmly established in the country, and has won the goodwill of the majority of the population. This is in marked contrast to the hostility with which the English people formerly viewed the Jews?a hostility which was satisfied only by their total expulsion from the realm in the year 1290, and which lingered on for some time after their return in the reign of Charles II. For turning them oat “bag and baggage” King Edward I. was rewarded by his faithful Commons with a grant of one-fifteenth of all their moveables (pro expulsione Judaeorum)?a signal mark of

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