References to the Holocaust in English Law Reports

Few of those who were adults in the 19405 imagined they would live to see the attempts made by some contemporary revisionist historians to falsify or even expunge from the record events which so many have known from personal experience. Such historians seem to fall broadly into two types. The more extreme group is exemplified by David Irving, Robert Faurisson, Arthur Butz and Fred Leuchter, the first of whom was fined £12,000 in January 1993 by a German court for claiming at a meeting that there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz and that the death camp there was built as a fake. They seem to have learned from Hitler the art of the big lie, later exploited and used to devastating effect by his Minister of Propaganda, Josef Goebbels. It was outlined cynically by Hitler in Mein Kampf in the following terms: ‘The broad mass of a nation will

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