REDCLIFFE NATHAN SALAMAN, F.R.S., M.D. (President of the Jewish Historical Society of England, 1920-22)

sincerity, honesty of purpose and good faith. And it was memorable that on his return to England these characteristics disarmed and reconciled to him personally many even of those who had been among his most vehement critics.

Hyamson remained a member of our Society and of the Council throughout his absence in Palestine, and on his return resumed his work for us as though it had never been interrupted. As time went on, his services proved invaluable. He was always there, modest and self-effacing, to do any work in emergency : and emergencies increased. If it is true that I kept the Society alive during the War, it was only because I was always able to count on his help for anything?from addressing envelopes to temporarily filling the functions of Honorary Secretary, from answering enquiries to giving a paper at short notice, from whipping up an audience to reading the

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