Racial Origins of Jewish Types. Presidential Address (1920)

I should be less than modest and more than dull were I not to feel some sense of elation at the honour which you have conferred on me by making me your President. It would be enough to recount the names of thobe who have filled this chair since the foundation of the Society in 1893 to prove that it is no small honour that you do to your elect. And I would say that no President who has ever served you is more conscious of this or more aware of his own shortcomings. In my eyes, our Society is the blue ribbon of Anglo-Jewry, for let us be under no misunderstanding. The Jewish Historical Society of England is pre-eminent in Anglo-Jewry, not only because of the invaluable literary work which it has accomplished, nor for the stimulus which it has given to Jewish and Gentile student alike, but because

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