Rabbi Dr. Isidore Epstein, B.A., Ph.D., D.Lit., 1894-1962

Of the native-trained scholars?alas, too few?produced by Anglo-Jewry, Isidore Epstein was in his quiet and unassuming way perhaps the most versatile as well as, with very few exceptions, the most prolific; and he combined with this the supreme scholarly quality com? mended by the Rabbis, that nothing that came from his pen was not worthy of his reputation. English was not indeed his cradle-language, as was sometimes obvious when he spoke; and because of his early upbringing he had a knowledge of French which supercilious visitors sometimes found disconcerting. But he mastered literary English in a sense of which this may be said of very few Jewish scholars who have written in the English language. Like all good stylists, he took enormous pains in his writing, and what appeared to the reader to be so easy and spontaneous was sometimes the result of long endeavour and experiment and (as I

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