Proposals for Special Taxation of the Jews after the Revolution. Presidential Address (1918)

[Presidential Address (1918) by H. S. Q. Henriques, MA., B.C.L., K.C.]


The Three Periods Of The History Of The Jews In England.

I have in the first place to thank you for the honour you have done me in electing me your President?an honour which involves the duty of delivering an address for which I am ill qualified. I propose to-day to add a short supplement to a lecture I delivered before your Society nearly eighteen years ago at the request of my old friend and pre? decessor, Mr. Frederick Mocatta, and to conclude by placing before you a document of great historic interest relating to the early days of the Resettlement of the Jews in this country. The lecture I refer to was not published in your Transactions, but a summary of it may be found in the Jewish Chronicle of April 19, 1901. In that lecture I

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