This volume marks two radical policy changes. Firstly, the Society has decided to attempt to publish a volume of Jewish Historical Society each year instead of every two years in the hope that this will bring in a greater number of contributions of quality and attract more readers. Secondly, after thirty-five volumes in a page-size introduced in 1895, we nave adopted a more conven? tional format, which will enable us to reduce production costs without sacri? ficing quality, and make the volume look more appetizing to general readers. For similar reasons the volume numbers will now appear in Arabic rather than Roman numerals.

The year 2000 saw a major change in the administration of the Society. Mr Cyril Drukker resigned his post as our Honorary Secretary on reaching his eightieth birthday and so did Professor Raphael Loewe as Chairman of the Executive Committee. Our Administrator, Mrs Jeanette Cannon resigned for

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