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I would like to express the Society's thanks to Malcolm Brown, who served as Chairman of the Publications Committee for seven years. He presided over the selection of papers for publication and the production of the last four volumes of ]emish Studies, giving the Editor continuous moral support and sound advice. This year he has been elected President of this Society and Edgar Samuel has succeeded him. I am particularly grateful, once again, to Cyril Drukker, for helping with his usual meticulousness to proofread this volume.


Since the previous list of lectures was published in]eaish Historical Studies: Trans- actions XXXIII, pp. xiii-xv, the following lectures have been delivered:


Dr Anthony Joseph The relationship betmeen Anglo-Jewish histo and its genealogies

Daniel Levy Morris _Two-Gun ' Cohen._ from the East End to the China Sea, 18801934

Joe Hillaby St Harold of Gloucester: the dissemination of the n_tual-murder accusation

Tony Hammond ]en:,ish emancipation and the larger poll.tics of Reform: aspects of parliamentary public debates on the admission of Jews to Parliament, 1829-58

Barry Weinberg Aspects of the ]elPish contn`bution to musical 1 in Britain, 1770-1820

Dr David Englander ]en:,ish biography: problems and possibilities

Dr Audrey Burton Bukharan Jems, ancient and modern

Dr Mark Levene Was Anglo-]em important on the world stage?

Ellis Hillman Lord George Gordon: fact and jiction

Rabbi Dr Bernard Susser England's jirst Ashkenazi cemete 1696-7


Dr Anthony Joseph ]ewish genealogy and its impact on historical study in the English-speaking world

Dr Diane Atkinson Homeworking women in Spitaljields, I880-I909

Dr Zefirah Rokah The Hospitaller and the Jews: Fr. Joseph de Chaun(y and the English ]ewry of the I270S

Dr M. A. Jones The Northampton ]ewish community

Dr Valerie Mainz Creating a nation.' the Jews of France, I760I8I0

Cecil Bloom Samuel Montagu and Zionism

Dr Scott Mandelbrote Newton and]udaism

Mrs Ruth Sebag-Montefiore A quest for a grandfather: Sir Philip Magnus, Bart., Victorian educationalist

Dr Willis Johnson III Recent work on the English on s of the Blood Libel

Professor Geoffrey Alderman The young Cecil Roth, x899-x9x9

We regret to report the deaths of the following Vice-Presidents since the publica- tion of our last volume: The Very Reverend Haham Dr Solomon Gaon, Rabbi Dr Hugo Gryn, Robert Nunes Carvalho, Walter Schwab and Mrs Dorothy Stone and of AlexJacob, who was a Council Member.

Haham Dr Solomon Gaon and Rabbi Dr Hugo Gryn were important com- munal leaders, whose lives have been described in the obituaries in the Jemish Chronicle and the national press. AlexJacob wrote articles on The]ems of Fa|mouth and especially on his mother's family for Transaaions. Walter Schwab served for some years as our Editor of Publications and after retiring from that office con- tinued to index volumes of]euish Historical Studies, including the important index to Transactions I-XXV. Robert Nunes Carvalho served as President in 1971 -3. The present volume is dedicated to the memory of Dorothy Stone, who succeeded her late husband Hyman Stone as Honorary Treasurer, served as President and was a benefactor of our Society.

Jeremy Scho~eld

In Memoriam

Robert Nunes Carvalho (I907-I996)

Robert Nunes Carvalho was born in London and educated

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