During the first of the two sessions that spanned our centenary year, an interna- tional conference entitled _Patterns of Migration, x850x9I4′, organized by the Society in conjunction with the Institute ofJewish Studies at University College London, formed a major celebratory event. Another such was the reception and joint Presidential evening shared between Professor Aubrey Newman and His Honour Israel Finestein, at which distinguished representatives of the British Academy and the Royal Historical Society paid tribute to our past and present activities.

The quantity of research in all fields ofJewish history has never been greater, as indicated by the diversity of scholarship contained in this present volume. Of the articles of immediate interest, that by Stephen Massil, of the Programme Committee, explains why commemoration of our centenary covered two sessions, while the Presidential address of Professor Newman describes his- toriographical developments that have occurred since our inception. In 1993 we published

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