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During the first of the two sessions that spanned our centenary year, an interna- tional conference entitled _Patterns of Migration, x850x9I4', organized by the Society in conjunction with the Institute ofJewish Studies at University College London, formed a major celebratory event. Another such was the reception and joint Presidential evening shared between Professor Aubrey Newman and His Honour Israel Finestein, at which distinguished representatives of the British Academy and the Royal Historical Society paid tribute to our past and present activities.

The quantity of research in all fields ofJewish history has never been greater, as indicated by the diversity of scholarship contained in this present volume. Of the articles of immediate interest, that by Stephen Massil, of the Programme Committee, explains why commemoration of our centenary covered two sessions, while the Presidential address of Professor Newman describes his- toriographical developments that have occurred since our inception. In 1993 we published Anglo-]emish Bibliography I97I-1990, which lays the foundation for future research in our field. In 1994 a joint seminar with the Board of Deputies Community Research Unit on the 1891 Census Project, _Spitalffelds through the database', led (through the general editorship of Professor Newman) to the Soci- ety's association with the History Department of the University of Leicester in publishing /89I Census - /nde;r of Heads of Family, a valuable demographic contri- bution to East End studies.


Since the previous list of lectuf es was published in Transactions XXXfI, pp. xi-xiii, the following lectuf es have been delivered:


Dr Kalman A. Bumim
The]emish presence on the London stage in the I8th centut:)y

Professor Aubrey Newman
Anglo-emish historiography, I892-I992

Tito Benady
The role  of}ems  in  the  Bn.tish  colonies  of  the mestern  Mediterranean in  the  Lath  and
early-I9th centuries

Graham Cooke
Orde Wingate: an assessment of his career and rel)utation

Mrs Sylvia Kedourie
7he}ems of Baghdad

Joe Brnaby
e origins of the English medieval}emry: the London community in the nth centuty

Professor David Katz
e]emish advocates of Heny VllGs divorce

Malcolm Brown
e ]ems of Ess prior to 1900

Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain
e  establishment  of  the  Reform  Beth  Din (1948) - a  barometer  of  changing  religious
trends in Anglo-]emty

Stephen Massil
e founding of the}emish Sou.ely of England in 1893

His Honour Judge Aron Owen


Raymond Kalman
e]emish Friendly Societies of London

His Honour Israel Finestein QC
Lucien Wolp a study in ambivalence

Dr B. Hirson
On Ruth Schechter Alexander

Dr Gerry Black
e latgest school in the world.' the}FS at Bell Lane,Spitalfields, 1837-1939

Dr C. Delano Smith
Rashi and maps

Professor David Ussishldn
Megiddo - a royal ctty of King Solomon

Professor Colin Richmond
An English historian and the}ews

Dr John Klier
English Sadety confronts the Pogroms, I88I-2

No ordinay tradesmen - the Green family in I9th-centur.y Whitechapel

Many Defries
Political comtption and anti-Semitism in Edwardian England - the unionu` ts,  the Jews
and the Marconi and Indian SilVer Allairs

Jonathan Wolfson
New material relating to Churchill and the Jews

Forthcorning pubRcarion
Extended versions of the papers delivered at the centenary conference are to be
issued in a volume expected to appear during the 1994-5 session.

Malcolm Brown


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