In conformity with its role as repository and transmitter of the history and traditions of the Anglo-Jewish community, the Jewish His? torical Society of England now issues Volume XXI of its Transactions. The volume appears four years after the twentieth and covers the period 1962-1967, with the addition of the earlier Presidential Address of Dr. Richard D. Barnett given in November 1959. There were strong hopes that, even though it would have covered a shorter period, this 21st volume in the Society’s 75 years’ history would have appeared rather earlier, but this was unfortunately not possible because the previous Editor, Mr. Walter Schwab, was compelled on medical advice to resign in 1965. It is fitting here to pay a warm tribute to Mr. Schwab, who, among other things, edited Volume XX, for his great service to the Society during the four years he held office. Indeed, much of the material

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