The present volume contains a selection from the papers read to the Society during the Sessions 1924-1927. Some of the remaining papers will be printed in a later volume.

Since the publication of Volume X. of the Transactions (1924), the following works have been issued :-Miscellanies,” Part I. (1925);

Jews in the Canary Islands,” by Lucien Wolf (1926); and the following ” Arthur Davis Memorial Lectures” :-

1924. “Monotheism among Primitive Peoples,” by Dr. Paul Radin;

1925. “Napoleon and Palestine,” by Philip Guedalla, M.A.

1926.”Some Mediaeval Hebrew Poesy,” by Herbert Loewe, M.A.

1927.”Some Aspects of the Greek Old Testament,” by Dr. St.
John Thackeray.

will be seen from the contents of the present volume that none of the periods of Anglo-Jewish history?the pre-Expulsion, the Middle, or the Modern?is being neglected. New recruits to the ranks of the Society’s researchers are represented by Miss H. M. Chew, Mr. Bernard Shillman, and

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