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The publication of this Volume X. of the Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society synchronises with the completion of
thirty years of the Society's existence. For a generation the work in Anglo-Jewish historical research has gone steadily forward in the spirit and aims of those who called the Society into being in 1893. Happily some of these pioneers are still with us, their zeal and powers unabated, and this latest volume bears testimony to their labours. Mr. Lucien Wolf and Dr. Israel Abrahams, to mention but two of the early sowers in the
wide field of Anglo-Jewish history, are still scattering seeds which are fructifying, and others are now reaping what they
have sown. It is a harvest of which we may well be proud, and that gratitude to those workers is enhanced by the knowledge that there are younger labourers in the vineyard who have already proved that they are worthy disciples of their great masters. A noteworthy feature of this volume, to which further reference will be made, is the appearance of Mr. Wilfred S. Samuel who has already established a reputation in historical investiga?
tion, and who is destined to leave his impress upon this important branch of study. The younger generation is represented
also by Mr. Marcus Lipton who, after a successful Oxford career, is devoting himself to historical research. Thus all the signs are
hopeful for the continued usefulness of the Society. The field covered by the term, Jewish Historical Society of England, is
vast enough to invite the co-operation of historical students of all classes, and the Society enters upon a second generation of its history in the full confidence that its high standard will be maintained.The period covered by this volume has seen two distinguished occupants of the Presidential office. Dr. Bedcliffe N. Salaman and the Very Rev. the Chief Rabbi have proved worthy successors to the long and honourable roll of Presidents. Scholars in different fields they have both helped to shed lustre upon the Society's history. Dr. Salaman's tenure of office will always be remembered with gratitude for the zeal which he threw into the work. Apart from his own contributions, of which these volumes of trans? actions have given evidence, it is due to him that the membership has so largely increased, so that more than 500 names now appear on the roll. His labours on behalf of the Society carried him to the larger towns in the Provinces, in addition to the University seats at Oxford and Cambridge, where on the public platform he pleaded the importance of the work and appealed for workers and supporters. As the result of his efforts the Society has become more widely known and its value more generally recognised. The Chief Rabbi, amid the multifarious duties incidental to his high office, has made the Society a primary charge on his time. He consented to assume the Presidency on his return from his world tour, at a time when his hands were full with

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