The publication of this Volume X. of the Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society synchronises with the completion of
thirty years of the Society’s existence. For a generation the work in Anglo-Jewish historical research has gone steadily forward in the spirit and aims of those who called the Society into being in 1893. Happily some of these pioneers are still with us, their zeal and powers unabated, and this latest volume bears testimony to their labours. Mr. Lucien Wolf and Dr. Israel Abrahams, to mention but two of the early sowers in the
wide field of Anglo-Jewish history, are still scattering seeds which are fructifying, and others are now reaping what they
have sown. It is a harvest of which we may well be proud, and that gratitude to those workers is enhanced by the knowledge that there are younger labourers in the vineyard who have already proved that they

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